What our clients say


We are lucky to have worked with some fantastic clients and they have very kindly sent us feedback about our services and allowed us to share them, here are just a few:

“I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Sam and EBS. We didn’t want to work with somebody who just said what they felt we wanted to hear. For us to improve we needed the truth and Sam has always told us ‘how it is’ throughout this entire process. She has been helpful and supportive to everybody involved and will not let anybody creep back into the warm fuzzy place that is their comfort zone. She continues to test us all in a very positive and encouraging way” 

Legal Services firm - Cumbria

“Having worked with EBS I would highly recommend their services should you need them. As an independent family business you can get ‘bogged down’ with the day to day operation and forget about the bigger picture. Within the hospitality business it is very much your ‘heart & soul’ you put in to the business & for us it is good to take on board feedback from an impartial guest to help you see things from the guests perspective” Hotel & Restaurant - Cumbria  

HR Solutions and Services in Carlisle, Cumbria
Kaveney HR Solutions Ltd in Carlisle, Cumbria

Exactly what your business needs

“Sam worked with different departments carrying out a series of meetings, one-to-one conversations, and anonymous staff surveys. She collated the data and compiled a clear list of findings and recommendations. It was not always an easy process, but Sam worked with all members of the team in an efficient and supportive manner, delivering excellent results” Legal Services firm - Cumbria


“Occupancy levels continue to increase through the standards we have & improved upon since EBS have worked with us” Hospitality Client - Cumbria

What does Sam think is the secret to our success?

"What it comes down to is NOT thinking we are experts in everyone else’s business. At first glance this might seem like a bit of a paradox. Why would anyone hire someone who isn’t an expert? But ultimately the clients we work with are the experts – they just sometimes need to be reminded of that. We are simply there to give an outsider’s point of view, a fresh pair of eyes, a new approach. We use that different perspective to work with the company and re-align things or introduce standards and procedures to help the business continue to move forward. We are Elton Business Support – we are there to do just that"



"We are there when you need us"

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