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Providing valuable insight across a range of business sectors


Personal Business Support in Cumbria

Insight, Feedback & Solutions 

Established by Samantha Gargett and working with small, medium and large businesses across a range of sectors, Elton Business Support (EBS) offers consumer, employee and business insights 

Our business model is based on providing Insight, Feedback and practical Solutions, working alongside our clients in a nurturing role in order to get the best results. We give an unbiased look into a business and provide clear and jargon free feedback that can be used to help a company improve. 

We offer insights from a customer perspective, but we can also work from inside the business with employees, gaining vital insight from them too. Who knows more about the day to day running of your business than those that run it day to day on your behalf? Team members will often open up more honestly to an independent consultant and we can give a more effective insight than a generic staff survey. 

Once we’ve collected the data we can then continue to work with a business to help implement policies and procedures or work with teams to help get the best out of them.


Mystery Shopping and Audits in Cumbria


Physical visits, telephone calls, e-mails and website audits to see how standards are met in line with your expectations
Business Consultancy and Training in Cumbria


For businesses who feel they need support but do not want to employ someone on a permanent basis



Founder - EBS

WINNER - 2018 Enterprise Vision Awards

FINALIST - 2019 Enterprise Vision Awards

Samantha has worked at management level for a global recruitment company and has experience in both the private and public sectors at a senior level along with experience in retail marketing, sales and over 9 years experience within the NHS environment. 

Samantha holds the  Chartered Management Institute Award in Management & leadership,  Cert Automotive Finance Specialist (CertAutoFS), along with qualifications in Business Administration and Training & Education


Next Gen Associate

Keeping it in the family, Tasha is Samantha’s daughter who works for with us as our very own ‘Next Gen Associate’ carrying out ‘view from the shop floor’ audits and mystery shops, based on her customer experiences from an older teenagers perspective. Whatever sector of business we are in, we should all be thinking ahead, as it's the generation coming through who will be our customers of the future.


Jennifer (Samantha's mum) has a background in marketing, product placement, service level monitoring and in store compliance auditing. Having worked at management level for a London based firm Jennifer dealt with high calibre clients such as Proctor & Gamble, Bendicks and Leaf. Jennifer's specialism is carrying out research as to the level of service being received by customers and ensuring company standards are met. 

Jennifer has also undertaken work for both a national supermarket chain, carrying out service standard checks along with mystery guest stays for a national hotel chain.